If you’re anything like us, you were the type of kid who took apart dad’s
new radio just to see what was inside. That kind of curiosity never dies,
which is why How 2.0, PopSci‘s award-winning home for the coolest
tips, tricks, hacks and do-it-yourself projects, wants to see what today’s
tech tinkerers are up to.

Have you built something amazing you’d like to
show off? Tried a How 2.0 project and failed miserably? Blown something up
with the kids’ chemistry set? If you’ve invented it, tweaked it, hacked it,
or broken it, we want to see. (Submissions will be governed by our Terms of Service.)

Send digital photos of your DIY exploits to (Keep files
smaller than 1 MB each, please.) We’ll pick the best shots for a photo gallery. Who knew tinkering could be so rewarding?