by John B. Carnett

1. Download a free program called FileZ from and install it on your Treo.

2. Download the patched BtManager.prc file from and copy it to an SD card.

3. Remove the battery cover on your Treo and hit the reset button to do a soft reset.

4. Insert the SD card into the Treo and open FileZ. Navigate to the patched BtManager.prc file, choose “Copy” and select “Internal” as the destination.

5. Do another soft reset, turn on Bluetooth, and you should see the screen with DUN enabled.

6. To dial up, turn on your laptop´s Bluetooth, “discover” the Treo, and create a dial-up profile with “[your Sprint Vision username]” in the username field, your Vision password in the password field and #777 as the phone number. (This is for Sprint; see for other carriers.) Note that while connected you will be using voice minutes as well as your data plan, so be careful if you don´t have unlimited data usage.