P910 Paraphernalia

Sony Ericsson's new P910 PDA cellphone might be the best combo device available. Here's how to double its cost.


Dept.: Maxed Out
Tech: Sony Ericsson P910 PDA cellphone
Base Cost: $800
Total Cost: $1,694
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Few PDA-phones live up to their promise of dual functionality. The Treo 600 is one exception; another is the new Sony Ericsson P910, which will be available this winter for U.S. GSM carriers. (Check www.expansys-usa.com for an unlocked model.) I imported the previous generation, the P900, and loved its built-in Bluetooth and Symbian OS, which is better at multitasking than the Treo's Palm OS--I could surf the Web, use IM, and listen to music at the same time. The P910 just gets better, with a smaller form factor, built-in Qwerty keyboard, brighter 262,000-color screen, more internal memory (64MB versus 16MB) and MemoryStick DUO Pro support. My favorite part: All my P900 accessories work with the P910. And as you can see, I have quite a few.

A Dozen Essentials

Many of the best add-ons come from Sony Ericsson (sonyericsson.com except where noted), including the tiny $22 Micro Travel Charger and the $39 Desk Speaker. For tunes on the go, I switch between the Stereo FM Radio Handsfree Headset ($39) and the Bluetooth MP3 Headset ($149), which automatically pauses the music for calls. More Sony goodies: the $7 Blue Torch LED flashlight and $21 Laser Pointer (www.expansys-usa.com); the tiny $100 USB Bluetooth dongle; and the Bluetooth CAR-100, which is remote-controlled by the phone ($80).

The Bluespoon Bluetooth digital headset is the smallest in the world ($300; blue-spoon.com). When I need to add notes or contacts fast, I use the T806 SnapNType folding keyboard ($75; tt-tec.com), then back them up on my PC with the SIMmate Mini USB SIM card reader ($55; didya.com). Finally, our phone-obsessed gadget brethren in Japan love these tiny screen cleaners ($7; strapya.com/top.htm).

Sony Ericsson P910 PDA-phone: $800
Micro travel charger: $22
Desk speaker: $39
FM radio headset: $39
Bluetooth MP3 headset: $149
LED flashlight: $7
Laser pointer: $21
USB Bluetooth dongle: $100
Bluetooth CAR-100: $80
Bluespoon headset: $300
Folding keyboard: $75
SIM card reader: $55
Screen cleaner: $7
TOTAL: $1,694