This awesome DIY kit lets you build a robotic lizard

Learning STEM skills has never been so much fun.

Many of us would like to take on a nerdy weekend project, but not everyone has the technical skills. That’s where the DIY Bionic Robot Lizard comes in. This kit teaches you robotics, electronics, and programming while you build a reptilian friend. It’s suitable for all ages, and you can grab the kit now for $54.99 via the PopSci Shop.

Science and technology can seem quite abstract when you only learn from textbooks. But with this robot lizard, every circuit and line of code plays out right before your eyes. The kit includes everything you need for constructing your metallic pet, including a Sunfounder Nano board and the required tools. You also get assembly instructions that any child could follow.

Once your robot is complete, it’s time to start programming. You can create basic moves for your lizard using Mixly, a visual programming language. This platform lets you drag and drop commands, without writing a line of code. When you want to expand your lizard’s repertoire, you create advanced moves via Arduino code. With the supplied IR remote, you can make your lizard walk, change direction and dance.

The Robot Lizard was $65.99, but you can get yours now for only $54.99.