Diversify your resume by learning how to code

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When machines take over manual tasks, most blue collar jobs will involve some coding. Until that day comes, coding skills can help you rise up the career ladder to become a pro developer. The Ultimate Learn to Code 2017 Bundle gives you a top-class education in computer science, with 80 hours of training for $49 at the Popular Science Shop.

Not all programming languages are made equal, so this bundle focuses on the skills that employers value. Through engaging video lessons, you learn how to build great web apps with Ruby on Rails and tackle big data with Python. The Java course gives you the skills to build apps for Android and many other platforms, while the JavaScript Specialist track works toward certification that will look great on your resume.

The bundle also shows you how to build iOS apps, design beautiful websites with HTML5 and CSS3, and handle SQL databases. There are 10 courses in total, and you get lifetime on-demand access to over 80 hours of content.

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