Dispatch From The Future: Cities
A future cityscape at sunset with legions of pedestrians on the streets and moving between skyscrapers in tunnels
Illustration © John Harris, www.alisoneldred.com

In a profoundly urbanized vision of the future, science-fiction artist John Harris imagines a city navigated by foot, with skyscrapers connected by viaduct. Harris says he was inspired by Canadian cities that planned to enclose walkways between their buildings to avoid the winter weather. The dense cityscape is an enduring vision, he thinks, “because there’s a presumption that we’ll become such an overcrowded planet that there won’t be any room for greenery.” A committed ruralist who lives in the English countryside, Harris also explores the idea of adapting organic structures for human habitation in his work—such as his mushroom city, which we featured in our August 2015 issue.

This article was originally published in the January/February 2016 issue of Popular Science.