Meet Disconnect, the anti-tracking app that protects your online privacy

It also improves your browsing speed, now with 90 off lifetime service.

Both government agencies and private companies track our movements across the web every day. For those of us who value privacy, Disconnect offers some online protection. This award-winning app automatically blocks trackers and malware on all your devices. It also makes browsing much faster. Right now, you can get lifetime service for just $49 via the Popular Science Shop.

It’s well known that Google and Facebook make money from our data. But most large sites now send unseen tracking requests, which your browser accepts. Likewise, many apps collect data on the quiet. Disconnect blocks these trackers to protect your privacy. In addition, the app offers VPN protection to hide your IP address and physical location.

Disconnect works on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Premium users get protection across all browsers and apps. The service also encrypts your connection to shut down Wi-Fi hackers. Along with privacy, Disconnect improves your browsing experience. By blocking the trackers, you can increase your browsing speed by 44 percent while using 39 percent less bandwidth.

Lifetime Premium subscriptions are worth $500, but you can grab one now for just $49.