Disconnect will protect your privacy on public Wi-Fi during your travels this Spring

Get lifetime tracker blocking and VPN protection for $49.

As the latest Facebook revelations hit the headlines, many of us are starting to think more carefully about digital privacy. Disconnect is a service that helps you block online trackers and stay anonymous, thanks to built-in VPN protection. It also provides extra security on public Wi-Fi, meaning you can surf the web safely on your Spring Break. You can currently get lifetime Premium service for just $49 via the PopSci Shop—and take an extra 10 percent off today with code MADMARCH10.

You know those annoying targeted ads down the side of some websites? Disconnect lets you escape this unwanted marketing for good. The app works on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and any other site that wants to track your web history. Quite apart from privacy, this means you can conserve precious battery life and use 39 percent less data—ideal when you’re away from home.

In addition, Disconnect provides full VPN protection with AES 256-bit encryption. This means that no-one can trace your IP address or physical location, and cybercriminals cannot harvest your passwords and credit card info via insecure hotel Wi-Fi networks. You can even use Disconnect to unlock Netflix and other sites while you’re traveling.

Worth $500, lifetime Premium subscriptions are now just $49.