Disconnect helps you escape online trackers and conserve your battery

Get lifetime privacy protection for just $41.

After the Facebook scandal, many of us are thinking more carefully about online privacy. If you want to block the trackers and stay secure, Disconnect is probably your best option. This all-in-one privacy app and VPN service keeps your digital world secure. It also helps you browse faster, while using less data and battery. Right now, lifetime Premium service is just $41 at the PopSci Shop.

While Facebook is currently taking the heat, there are thousands of other sites that use trackers—including Google and Twitter. Deleting every cookie by hand is almost impossible, but Disconnect blocks these tracking requests at source. As a result, pages load up to 44 percent faster and you use 39 percent less data.

In addition, this smart privacy app provides full VPN protection with encryption. This means you can keep your data away from prying eyes, browse public Wi-Fi with confidence, and access geo-restricted content (e.g. Hulu). Disconnect works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, with browser extensions providing quick access to settings.

Worth $500, lifetime service has now dropped from $69 to only $41.