Disconnect App
Even if your passwords are secure, websites like Facebook and Google are tracking your every click. Disconnect is a service that lets you block the trackers, avoid government agencies, and shut down cyber criminals. !. Stack Commerce

Online security is not just an issue for large corporations and government agencies, it affects individuals’ security just as deeply. Disconnect is a premium service that lets you block trackers, avoid government spying, and shut down cyber criminals with a click of a button. Right now, you can get a lifetime subscription for just $49 via the Popular Science Shop.

While some privacy solutions can be tricky to set up, Disconnect prides itself on simplicity. With the included VPN features, Disconnect works to encrypt all your online activity so hackers and snoops are denied access to your data. As an added bonus, Disconnect opens up your device to region-locked content, so you can watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world.

In addition to full VPN protection that masks your location and IP address, Disconnect works to block trackers and malware that are consistently and silently requesting access to your device. Not only does this make you safer online, it makes your internet work faster and your battery last longer. In fact, Disconnect lets you browse the web 44 percent faster while using 39 percent less bandwidth.

Normally worth $500, lifetime service with Disconnect is currently just $49. Order now to save 90 percent on this essential privacy tool.