We just upgraded our office coffee set-up, but realized one item hadn’t arrived yet. A scale. When you’re cooking, baking, or brewing coffee, measurements matter. Things just won’t taste or look the way they should if you don’t have the right ratio of ingredients. Now you can cook with precision—for only $12.

The Accuweight digital food scale measures amounts as little as 2 grams and as much as 11 pounds. The four separate sensors allow for more accurate measurements—within 1 gram—and can display in terms of pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, milliliters, and grams.

If you forget to turn it off, the scale comes with an auto power off function and battery indicator for when the battery is running low. The 2-inch LCD screen is large and easy to read, too. So, to summarize (1) it’s cheap, (2) it’s useful. Why not?

Amazon; $12.

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