This Digital Body Analyzer lets you measure body fat and muscle mass at home

Get vital fitness metrics every morning, now at 63 percent off.

Losing weight is an imprecise science, but detailed measurements can help you reach your goals. The Digital Body Analyzer looks like your regular bathroom scales, but this smart device can measure many key fitness metrics. Right now, the Analyzer is $45.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

Everyone knows that working out is essential for staying in shape. But as muscle is heavier than fat, the scales can sometimes deceive. The Digital Body Analyzer takes away the guesswork by measuring your weight, body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. Aside from impressing your buddies, these figures indicate how your metabolism is working.

The Analyzer also tracks your total body water percentage, telling you when to hydrate. By taking your bone measurements at regular intervals, the device can even pick up underlying medical conditions. Whether you are a fitness nerd or just trying to improve your health, this bathroom gadget can help.

The Digital Body Analyzer is normally $125, but you can grab it now for just $45.99, saving 63 percent off MSRP.