Sounds Like Inevitability

The first wave of full-featured Internet phones sends Ma Bell packing

They don´t even call it Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) anymore-it´s just broadband phone service. And although the dirt-cheap all-you-can-gab plans made possible by routing calls over the Internet are a financial no-brainer, a raft of new phones makes VoIP truly practical. Now broadband callers can choose models with the functionality we take for granted on land lines, like cordless handsets.

Nimble VR Mobile VoIP Speakerphone
About the size of a coaster, this speakerphone attaches to your computer with a USB cable to provide high-quality VoIP conference calling-great for
road warriors. Requires a separate service plan. $80

Linksys Phone Adapter PAP2
John Lawton
UTStarcom F-1000 Wi-Fi phone
John B. Carnett
Leadtek BVP8882 Videophone
John Lawton
VTech ip8100
John Lawton
Nimble VR Mobile VoIP Speakerp
John Lawton
GE 5.1 BassShaker Headset
Jasco Products