These playing cards teach you about design and typography

Become a creative expert during your weekly poker game.

In order to master design, you really need to know the fundamentals—color theory, typography, and so on. With the Design and Font Deck Playing Cards, you can learn these creative tools without even realizing. Each deck is filled with knowledge, meaning you can become a creative genius simply by playing poker. Right now, the decks are just $14.99 each at the PopSci Shop.

Even if you have no design ambitions, these cards offer a fascinating insight into the history of design. Each of the 52 faces provides an interesting nugget of information, complete with a visual example. As you shuffle the Font Deck, you’ll discover the anatomy of the ampersand, or learn about serif fonts. Likewise, the Design Deck reveals different color spaces and the joy of the Bézier curve. If these things mean nothing to you, each game will be all the more fascinating.

Of course, playing cards shouldn’t just be tiny snippets from the encyclopedia. These decks are printed on high-quality Bicycle stock, with a nice air-cushion finish. The pips are easy to read, and the cards should last for years.

Order now for $14.99 and choose between the two decks on the deal page.