These playing cards help you learn about design

Discover typography during your weekly poker game.

There are literally thousands of novelty playing cards in the world. But how many actually teach you something useful? The Design and Font Deck Playing Cards introduce you to the fundamentals of visual creativity during your weekly poker game. From typography to color theory, they make every hand more interesting. You can grab a deck now for $14.99 at the PopSci Shop.

You don’t have to be a designer to appreciate great design. The right font can make reports easier to read, and the layout of your presentation can make all the difference. These decks help you master the principles of design without taking classes. What’s more, the casino-quality cards are great to play with.

The Font Deck introduces some of the most popular typefaces, from Garamond to the infamous Comic Sans. You also learn the basics of typography, from kerning to quotation marks. Meanwhile, the Design Deck looks at graphic art and color schemes. These nuggets of information are printed on high-quality Bicycle stock, with an air cushion finish. Just as importantly, it’s easy to see what suit you’re playing with.

Worth $20, the design decks are now just $14.99 each.