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DEEBOT robot vacuums

Ecovacs Ecovacs DEEBOT 901 robot vacuum

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Today you can snag two Ecovacs DEEBOT robots for up to 50 percent off.

The cheaper 601 model can clean for up to 120 minutes, works with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, and lets you schedule and customize cleaning schedules with your smartphone. It’s available today for $190.

The 711 model—available for $270—runs for up to 110 minutes and can map your floor plan (up to 1,100 square feet) so it doesn’t clean the same area twice. There are five so-called advanced features: direct control, phone scheduling, status updates, cleaning modes, and status check. It also has a max power mode, which basically means extra suction.

DP450USB turntable

Denon Amazon

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Saturday was Record Store Day and to fête the consumer holiday, Denon has a deals on three of its turntables: the DP450USB, the DP400 and the DP200USB.

I’m currently testing out the DP-450USB model, which is available for $550 ($50 off) today. The three-speed, belt-driven turntable boasts a built-in phono amplifier that you can plug directly into a stereo system, plus a built-in analogue-to-digital converter. Basically you can plug a USB stick into the front and copy your vinyl recording as an MP3 file or WAV recording. Once recorded, Denon recommends using the MusiCut software, which is available on Denon’s website for free. This ripping feature is particularly useful for DJs who regularly mix rare recordings and don’t want to lug around a vinyl collection.

The DP400 is pretty much the same machine without the ability to rip files digitally. It’s available for $450 (was $500).

Digital storage

SanDisk, WD, and G-Technology Amazon

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SanDisk, WD, and G-Technology memory cards and flash drives are extra cheap today. They’re up to 30 percent off, so if you need more space for photos and videos or are looking for some extra SD cards to stash in your camera bag, today may be the day to make a move. The SanDisk 1TB Extreme Portable External SSD, for example, is going for $37 less, which means it’s now available for $143. It’s water-, shock-, and dust-resistant, has a rugged casing, and is built with a loop so you can hook it onto your backpack. Or you could use one of the USB thumb-drives to stick into the Denon turntable and rip some audio from your vinyl.

Gaming gear

Monoprice Monoprice

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Save up to 58 percent on colorful LED keyboards, curved gaming monitors, computer mice, and some sweet gaming headphones. The latter is a wired headset with a 53mm driver tuned specially for gaming. It comes with a 9.2-foot cable, active-noise-cancellation, and a flexible, omni-directional microphone. The headphones also recreate 3D environments so you can hear things that might be behind you while you’re playing games. They are 39 percent off, so $49.

Star Wars geekery

Think Geek Star Wars sale Think Geek

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Ever heard of Star Wars? Me neither. But for some reason ThinkGeek has up to 30 percent off a ship-load of Star Wars gear. I’d go for the R2-D2 screwdriver set, the Lightsaber reading light, or the Porg backpack (since I am a child). This way.

Hasbro toys and games

Hasbro Amazon

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Amazon’s board game sale includes one of my favorite games of 2017: the DropMix Music Gaming System. Basically you place DropMix cards on the board to create catchy remixes of successful songs. Each card features an isolated element of a song like the lead guitar, bass line, or vocal melody. The cards can be stacked on top of each other to introduce new instruments and adjust the mix. Crucially, it’s 80 percent off, so just $20.

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