Dive into data science for business with 88 hours of training for $29

Learn in-demand skills via 10 premium courses.

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Every large business uses data when making important decisions. But before the boardroom can digest charts and graphs, someone needs to crunch the numbers. Data analysts are always in demand, and top pros earn six figures. The Data Science for Business Mastery Bundle helps you get into this lucrative niche, with ten courses and 88 hours of video content. Right now, the bundle is only $29 at the PopSci Shop.

In sectors such as finance and marketing, data can provide key insights that even the experts miss. Data analysts get paid to find these gold nuggets in a stream full of meaningless figures.

If that sounds like an exciting challenge, you should grab this bundle. The training provides a complete education in data science for business, from predictive modeling to machine learning. Along the way, you will learn how to code in Python, R, and JavaScript. You also discover how to use professional tools such as SAS, Tableau, and Pandas.

Each course offers a certificate of completion to add to your résumé, and lifetime access means you can review the content at any time.

Order now for $29 to get all ten courses, worth $790.

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