Celebrate world password day with Dashlane, and keep your passwords protected

One of the world’s best password managers is now 50 percent off.

There was a time when you could get away with using “abcd1234” as your password. But those days are over. With cyber crime on the rise, it’s vital to use a secure password. Dashlane helps you keep track of your login details across every device, and the app can even generate new secure passwords for you. Right now, you can get one year on the Premium plan for $19.86 via the PopSci Shop—that’s 50 percent off the standard price.

The most secure passwords include both uppercase and lowercase letters, plus numbers and symbols. But storing these random strings in your head is almost impossible. Dashlane solves this problem instantly. Available on all major desktop and mobile platforms, this well-reviewed password manager lets you log in to your favorite sites with one click.

On the Premium plan, you can store unlimited login details, along with secure notes, credit card numbers, and your billing address. Dashlane uses these details to auto-fill forms in seconds. All your data is protected by military-grade encryption, and you control how your passwords are synced: via the cloud, via Wi-Fi, or not at all.

Normally $39.96, one-year subscriptions are now $19.86. Check out the deal page to save 50 percent on 3-year and 5-year subscriptions.