The cutest animals on Twitter, Boeing’s new spacesuit, and other amazing images of the week

Newsworthy eye candy

NASA’s GOES-16 satellite, which launched in November of last year, sent back its first images to Earth this week—and they are gorgeous. The satellite captures images in 16 different wavelengths of light, allowing scientists to better study atmospheric conditions. In the process, it makes some really nice looking images of our lovely planet. Don’t believe me? Take a closer look here.
This is not a screenshot from Star Wars. It’s a moon in our solar system that looks eerily similar to the Death Star. Orbiting Saturn, Tethys boasts a huge, suspiciously cinematic crater.
Meet the newest Harry Potter character—except this one doesn’t do magic. Instead, you can find him crawling around near the coast of Guam. A group of researchers announced this week that the newest species of crab discovered would be named Harryplax severus, a combination of the main character in the popular children’s book series and the misunderstood Severus Snape.
Yes, that’s a man in a jetpack, and yes, he’s putting out a fire. First responders in Dubai tested out the new Dolphin jetpack this week. The system seems to lift the rider into the air via a tube, allowing him a better angle for putting out the fire. Read our take on how it works here.
The first astronauts traveling to space with private companies are going to fly in style. Boeing just released its new spacesuit, which is meant to be more comfortable and less bulky than NASA’s current offerings. Hopefully it will be just as functional, too.