These little air quality sensors come in packs of two, four, and six ($300 to $600). Photograph by Sam Kaplan

How much do you know about the climate inside your home? Humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOC), and barometric pressure? We thought so. That’s where CubeSensors come into play. Palm-size and wireless, these wee boxes sniff out the tiniest changes in atmosphere, helping you assess the condition of any Wi-Fi–connected room.


Each set includes a base station that connects to a mobile app via a router or modem. To get a reading, shake the cubes. A blue glow means everything is fine. Red means you have a problem and need to check the app for details. Ultimately, you can combat allergies and (literally) breathe easier when you know what’s in your air. The cubes can also be paired with a Fitbit or Jawbone Up, allowing you to link sleep disruptions to environmental causes. If you snore, dry air could be the culprit. The app’s recommendation: Turn on the humidifier.

This article was originally published in the June 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Decode Your Air Quality.”