This kit helps you build a Raspberry Pi-powered laptop and more fun projects

Get the CrowPi Accessory Kit now for $40 off.

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Building projects with a Raspberry Pi is a great way to learn about electronics, code, and the Internet of Things. While some kits get you working on simple circuits, the CrowPi Raspberry Pi Accessory Kit has greater ambitions. In one hard case, you get everything you need for building a mini touchscreen computer and countless other cool contraptions.

Right now, you can get the kit for $199.99, or upgrade to the Advanced Accessory Kit including a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Board for $299.99 at the PopSci Shop.

The Raspberry Pi works pretty well as a tiny desktop computer, and as a sandbox for learning code. But the real fun starts when you begin connecting components. CrowPi helps you learn about Pi-powered DIY through your own weekend project.

The kit contains everything you need for building a tiny laptop, complete with a 7-inch touchscreen and wireless connectivity. You get step-by-step instructions to follow, and the kit even includes the necessary tools for the job.

The CrowPi Advanced Accessory Kit goes one step further, providing a mouse, keyboard, and game controllers. It also comes with a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board.

Order now for $199.99 to get the CrowPi Accessory Kit (worth $239) or upgrade to the Advanced Accessory Kit with the Raspberry Pi included for $299.99, saving $50.

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