This smartphone stand folds to the size of a credit card

It works with phones and tablets, and you can currently get three for $19.99

Sometimes, you can get away with propping up your phone on a book. But when you want to watch a movie or take better photos, it’s time to upgrade. This Credit Card-Sized Smartphone and Tablet Stand offers a secure spot for your device. It’s also adjustable, and it folds virtually flat. You can get a three-pack now for $19.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

There is a myriad of reasons why owning a stand is a good idea. You can check recipes in the kitchen without getting flour all over your iPad, and see incoming messages while you work. This stand is also great for travel, when you might want to catch up on Netflix or read without holding your tablet for the whole flight.

The aluminum design folds flat, so you can stash this stand in your wallet. It pops up to provide sturdy support, with a front flap to keep your device secure. You can also adjust the angle by moving the support bar from one slot to the next.

Three stands are worth $29.97, but you can grab the multipack now for just $19.99.