Add fun animated characters to your videos with CrazyTalk 8

Create your own avatar for $65.

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A good video tends to get more attention than any photo or blog post. However, making engaging video content isn’t always straightforward. If you want to spice up your delivery, CrazyTalk 8 Facial Animation offers an easy upgrade. This app matches your voice with a myriad of animated characters and even 2D pictures. You can grab CrazyTalk now on Windows or Mac for $65 at the PopSci Shop.

Many of us would love to voice a character in a Pixar movie. In the absence of any acting talent, CrazyTalk offers the next best thing. This software makes it really easy to create fun animations.

The process goes like this: simply record your script and upload the audio to CrazyTalk. The app then automatically lip-syncs your voice with a 3D talking head. There are numerous characters to choose from, and you can also play around with their clothes and the background.

If you prefer, you can animate 2D photos or even get CrazyTalk to generate the audio from your script. It’s a great way to deliver a dry script and keep your audience engaged.

Order now for $65 to get the CrazyTalk 8 Pro Plan on Windows or Mac, worth $149.

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