Learn to build mobile apps from scratch with Devslopes

Get 150 hours of training for just $39.

For people who code, finding a job has never been easier. But how do you acquire those technical skills in the first place? With over 150 hours of hands-on training, the Core Development Bundle by Devslopes is a great start. The bundle helps you build apps and explore machine learning through ten beginner-friendly courses. You can grab the training now for $39 at the PopSci Shop.

Learning to code is a great move right now. Developers are in demand, and many roles in marketing and sales are dependent on technical know-how.

Devslopes provides guided training for first-time coders. Through concise video lessons, you learn how to build iOS and Android apps from scratch. You also discover how to code desktop software, develop custom websites, and create your own games. The bundle even dives into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Alongside the video tutorials, each course provides multiple projects to try. This means you get real-world experience, while also building up your portfolio. In addition, Devslopes offers certification at the end of each track.

It’s worth $1,689, but you can currently get all ten courses for $39 with lifetime access included.