Invent Your Own Anything: Step 2

Invent Your Own Anything


Shared workspaces let you learn new skills and wield expensive tools. These are some of the largest and most active.

Pumping Station: One: Chicago's first hackerspace, Pumping Station: One lets members use its tools, such as CNC machines and laser cutters, 24/7. Projects include pants that produce music and a biosensor array that reads patient vitals. Starting at $40/month;

Genspace: Genspace in Brooklyn caters to professional biologists and amateur beaker jockeys alike. It has everything from microscopes and incubators to PCR machines and spectrometers. $100/month;

TechShop: Each of TechShop's five 15,000-square-foot locations contains more than $1 million in prototyping equipment and software. Its 3,000-plus members include entrants in the Google Lunar X Prize and the makers of the fastest electric motorcycle. Starting at $75/month;

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