The Human Generator

When scientists start thinking about parasitic energy harvesting, they look at the body differently, really checking it out from stem to gudgeon. They atomize it, picking through it as if for mineral rights. They peer at our biochemistry and biomechanics, trying to figure out just how much can be tapped, and where. Georgia Tech computer scientist Thad Starner discovered that there are 390 megajoules of energy stored in the body fat of the average person (the equivalent of 93,150 calories—about the amount in 283 jelly doughnuts). “If only a small fraction of such power could be harnessed conveniently and unobtrusively”—if only you could get that energy out, and store it and distribute it—”batteries per se could be eliminated.” So, what if you rigged yourself up with everything that’s out there or is at least conceivable? What then?