Boys Life

Dredd Speed’s Defenders of the Earth

Space Scout Dredd Speed is back in his second adventure. Battle aliens,…

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Chow Line Frenzy!

Get the hamburgers to the hungry Scouts quickly. They have been known…

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Scoutmaster Creator

Make him tough or make him wacky. You get to decide which…

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Pee Wee’s Pea Shooter

Test your aim as you try to hit the targets in an…

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Dredd Speed’s Solar Shootout

The Wild West meets outer space! Face off against horrible (and hilarious)…

How to build a bug board

They might annoy us or amaze us, but there’s no question about…

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How to draw cartoon dogs

Make your penciled puppies come to life. Here’s how.

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Make a periscope

Making a periscope from wood and a few pieces of mirror is…

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Make a ‘hide rack’ display

Show off your patches and other stuff with this rustic “hide…

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Build a rain barrel

Conserve water by collecting rainwater and using it for your garden or…

Cookware buying guide

Eat like a trail gourmet (or at least like a Philmont veteran!)….

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How to buy the perfect bike

Pro mountain biker Graham Agassiz give you all the advice you need…

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Sun protection buying guide

Be prepared for those broiling summer days with these handy tips and…

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Backpack buying guide

Here’s an Eagle Scout’s advice on picking the perfect pack.

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Shell jacket buying guide

Be prepared for all sorts of weather with one of these jackets…

How to make movie magic

Want to make an amazing movie? Just follow these tips from one…

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How to skip rocks

A stone skipping expert shares tips to help you successfully skip stones.

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Animal track identification quiz

How well can you identify animal tracks? Take our quiz and find…

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Pinewood derby creations

Browse our slideshow of readers’ pinewood derby creations. Is yours better? Send…

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10 tips to become a chess champ

Chess champ Jonathan Hilton started beating adults regularly about two months after…

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky game review

It’s here! The new installment of the Mystery Dungeon series is a…

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Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story game review

Mario returns! It’s always an event when a new Mario game is…

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Wii Sports Resort game review

The follow-up to Wii Sports is here: Wii Sports Resort. Is the…

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince game review

Could the new Harry Potter video game use more magic? There’s some…

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Go fishing with these video games

Can’t get enough fishing this summer? These games let you fish inside…

Nalgene bottles safe?

Q. What’s up with those old Nalgene bottles? A friend of mine…

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Lightweight but warm sleeping bags

Q. I need to get a good sleeping bag that weighs two…

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How to store Dutch ovens

Q. What’s the best way to store Dutch ovens to keep them…

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Cleaning a knife

Q. Whenever I go camping I always cut oranges with my knife….

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Stuff We Like: Adventure Medical Kits S.O.L. 3

Few things epitomize the Be Prepared motto more than the new Adventure…

Ignious Ignoramous joke

Here’s a solid little prank that requires a permanent marker and a…

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Currency Exchange magic trick

Here’s a sleight of hand trick that every magician should know. With…

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Incog-neato joke

Whether you’re a wanted criminal or just a kid who didn’t do…

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Pop-O-Magic magic trick

There’s no need for a microwave or a stove. Amaze your friends…

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Silverware Sorcery magic trick

This trick gives new meaning to the phrase “cut the deck.” Tell…

Madden NFL 10

Do you have any tips for the Wii version?

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Wii Sports Resort

Do you have any tips for Wii Sports Resort?

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Super Mario 64

How do you get past Big Boo’s balcony?

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My Sims Agents

Do you have any tips?

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Rome: Total War

I am running out of family members to rule my settlements I…

Car Hits Elephant

An Oklahoma couple driving home in an SUV …

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Giant Sushi Roll

Using 200 pounds of rice and 180 pounds …

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Look Out Below!

An engine tail cone detached from a jetliner …

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Dog Saves Family

An Indiana family may have their trusty …

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Whales Eat Squid

Scientists have long thought that sperm whales …

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