Become a JavaScript Jedi with 42 hours of video training for $31

Aspiring web developers, step this way.

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While HTML and CSS are still important, the modern web leans heavily on JavaScript. If you want to become a professional developer, it’s pretty essential to learn the language. The Comprehensive JavaScript Bundle helps you do just that, with eight courses and 42 hours of video tutorials. You can get the full line-up now for just $31.01 at the PopSci Shop.

First released in 1995, JavaScript has become the primary programming language of the web. From simple animations to full-scale web apps, it can be used for a huge variety of purposes. As a result, JavaScript developers are always in demand.

This beginner-friendly bundle helps you master JavaScript from the ground up, through concise video lessons. The tutorials provide step-by-step instruction, showing you how to write your first lines of code. Before long, you will be building simple web apps and interactive elements.

The bundle also covers advanced JavaScript techniques, including object-oriented programming, game development, and canvas drawing. Along the way, you get loads of hands-on practice—there are dozens of cool projects to try. This also means you can start building a portfolio.

Order now for $31.01 to get lifetime access to the training, worth $1,402.

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