Become a certified cybersecurity expert with this ethical hacker training

Get 45 hours of hands-on tutorials for $29.

From Facebook to the US military, every major organization is now investing in cybersecurity. If you want to start a career in this growing sector, the Complete White Hat Hacker Certification Bundle is a great place to start. The bundle includes over 45 hours of tutorials, showing you how to test the defenses of any app or website. You can start learning now for $29 via the PopSci Shop.

With so much personal and financial data now stored online, cybercrime is becoming a real problem. White hat hackers are paid to find weaknesses before they can be exploited.

This bundle helps you join their highly-paid ranks, with seven courses covering all the basics. Through hands-on video lessons, you learn how to work with professional tools including Metasploit and Kali Linux. Along the way, you discover how to perform penetration testing with common attacks such as backdoor exploits, WEP/WPA attacks, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and more.

Just as importantly, these courses come with certificates of completion, and the training helps you work toward professional exams.

It’s worth $894, but you can grab the training now for just $29.