Name your price on 45 hours of UI/UX design video tutorials

Launch your design career with eight in-depth courses.

Behind every successful app, there is a great UI/UX designer. These creative pros are paid top dollar to produce designs that appeal to users. If you want to master this skill set, the Complete UI/UX Design Lifetime Bundle is a great place to start. The bundle offers eight courses and over 45 hours of video tutorials—and you can pay whatever you want for the training at the PopSci Shop.

Designing a custom app or website from scratch is a mammoth task. You need to piece together the perfect package, from the icons to the transitions. This bundle shows you how, with hands-on tutorials covering all the skills of interface design.

First, you learn how to plan your design according to UX core principles. The beginner-friendly videos help you to create a mockup with Photoshop, and utilize pre-made elements with Adobe XD. You also learn how to design individual elements using Illustrator, create beautiful data visuals using After Effects, and use typography to strengthen your design.

Along with technical knowledge, the bundle offers advice on how to market yourself as a freelance designer.

Simply name your price for Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator 101 and beat the average price paid to get the full bundle, worth $387.