Become a certified Project Manager with this huge Six Sigma training bundle

Learn fast with 15 video courses for $39.

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Most companies rely on some kind of framework to keep things running smoothly. If you want to work in any senior role, it’s essential to know how the system works. The Complete Six Sigma Training Suite Bundle helps you master two of the most popular frameworks, with 15 premium video courses working towards certification. Right now, you can get this huge learning library for just $39 at the PopSci Shop.

Developed at Motorola in the 1980s, the Six Sigma framework has become a global smash hit. It is used by small businesses and multinational corporations alike, so many recruiters will only consider candidates who understand the framework.

This bundle helps you master both Six Sigma and Lean—a related framework used in manufacturing and development. Through concise video lessons, you learn the basic principles of each framework and how to put them into practice.

The training also shows you how to reduce waste, hit deadlines, work with stakeholders, and use Minitab—the software of choice for many project managers. Just as importantly, you get full prep for the official Six Sigma exams.

Order now for $39 to get all 15 courses, worth $2,843.

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