Learn robotics over the holidays with this eBook bundle

Pick up 5 fascinating reads for $19.

They say that robots will one day rule the world. In the meantime, we might as well learn about our future overlords. The Complete Robotics eBook Bundle includes five good reads filled with interesting projects to try over the holidays. It makes a great last-minute gift for anyone with an interest in new technology, and it’s now just $19 at the PopSci Shop.

Building a robot isn’t just about fitting together servos and sensors. In fact, the real fun starts after you have constructed your machine. This ebook bundle helps you explore the world of robotics programming with a variety of fun projects. You don’t need any experience to follow along, and each book is packed with step-by-step guides.

Along the way, you learn how to work with ROS (Robot Operating System) and several open-source tools. The projects start with simple stuff, but you will soon be building a robot arm and even a tiny self-driving car.

With over 2500 pages of instruction, this bundle should keep you entertained long into 2019.

It’s worth $199.95, but you can grab the bundle now for $19.