Give the gift of learning with this Raspberry Pi bundle

Get a Pi 3B+ and 10 hours of instruction for $139.99.

The Raspberry Pi was originally developed to encourage kids to learn about computing. But you don’t have to be young to enjoy playing with this pocket powerhouse. The Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit and Course Bundle gives you everything you need to explore computing, robotics, and electronics—including your own Pi and 10 hours of video tutorials. Right now, the bundle is just $139.99 at the PopSci Shop.

For anyone who enjoys messing around with computers and code, this bundle is like a treasure chest.

On the hardware side, you get a brand new Raspberry 3B+ board and a pack of 37 components. This starter kit includes everything you need for building 35 beginner-friendly projects, including schematics and step-by-step instructions. In the box, you will find LEDs, sensors, buzzers, IR kit, and more.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. This bundle also includes three in-depth courses, helping you get the most out of your new Pi. Through 10 hours of video tutorials, you go from setting up your microcomputer to coding custom Alexa commands for home automation.

Worth $448.98 in total, the bundle is now $139.99 with this deal.