Celebrate Pi day by picking up this discounted Raspberry Pi starter kit

The board, components and training for $120.

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From smart speakers to intelligent lights, the Internet of Things is hot right now. If you want to understand how it works and build your own smart devices, the Complete Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit & Course Bundle can help. This bundle provides all the essential hardware (incl. a Pi 3B+) and 10 hours of beginner-friendly video tutorials. You can get the lot now for just $120 at the PopSci Shop with code 3POINT14 at checkout.

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny Linux computer that was designed specifically for education. If you want to learn about electronics and code, this platform is the perfect place to start.

You get your very own Raspberry Pi with this bundle, along with a huge pack of components to play with. The hardware kit includes buttons, sensors, switches, LED lights, and much more besides. You will also find 35 projects in the box, plus quick setup instructions for your Pi.

For those who want to dive deeper, this bundle includes three great video courses. Through video tutorials, you learn how to build custom projects from scratch—including a home-made Amazon Alexa smart speaker.

The bundle is worth $448.98, but you can order now for just $139.99. Use code 3POINT14 for an extra 14 percent off ($120).

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