Learn Python programming with 85 hours of beginner-friendly training

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Compare all the major high-level programming languages in use today, and you would probably find that Python is the most popular. This versatile language can be used to build programs, analyze data, and even create games. If you want to learn programming, the Complete Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle is a great place to start, with 85 hours of video training and 12 courses. You can get it now for $21 at the PopSci Shop using the code 40LEARN40 at checkout.

When computer science students start school, they learn Python programming first. Why? Because it’s easy to pick up and powerful enough for any purpose. This bundle provides the perfect introduction for aspiring developers.

Starting with the basics, the courses show you how to build programs with plenty of projects to try. The training also looks at data mining and analysis with Python, along with cybersecurity, game development, image processing, web development, machine learning, and more.

Use the code 40LEARN40 at checkout to get this bundle for $21, valid through 10/31.