Want to work with data? This training bundle has everything you need

Get 120 hours of Microsoft and Oracle training for $39.

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As companies come to rely more and more on big data, the number of data admin and analyst jobs continues to increase. Many of these roles come with six-figure salaries. If that sounds appealing, you can get started with the Complete Microsoft & Oracle SQL Certification Bundle. This collection of courses works towards top exams, with over 120 hours of video instruction. You can get the bundle now for $39 at the PopSci Shop.

In order to handle big data, you need a heavyweight server. Many such servers run Microsoft SQL Server and host Oracle Database 12c. In this bundle, you’ll learn these two platforms inside out, along with some key data-handling skills.

Delivered through concise video lessons, the training looks at how to install and manage each platform in an enterprise environment. You also learn how to back up your data, set up virtual machines with Azure, create custom business intelligence solutions, and design a database from scratch.

Each course works towards a specific Microsoft or Oracle exam, with full prep included. These certifications are essential for any aspiring data engineer.

Order now for $39 to get lifetime access to all the training, worth $3,289.

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