This five-course bundle helps you master MATLAB

Learn to analyze data like a scientist with 15 hours of training for $27.

Used by engineers and students of science, MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is one powerful platform. Once you master the language, you can analyze and visualize data in unique ways. The Complete MATLAB Mastery Bundle helps you write your own data apps from scratch through five video courses. You can grab the lot now for $27 at the Popular Science Shop.

If you take a class in science or engineering at college, you will probably run into MATLAB at some point. This numerical computing environment allows you to handle linear algebra and run powerful analyses with relative ease. It’s also great for visualizing complex data sets.

This bundle helps you master these skills and more through engaging video lessons. You don’t need any previous experience, as the tutorials start with the basics of MATLAB programming. You then learn how to write custom scripts and solve equations, before designing your own user-friendly apps. The training also helps you structure your data, using Excel and other tools.

The courses are worth $200 put together, but you can get this bundle now for just $27.