Become an expert developer with 73 hours of coding tutorials

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Some of the best jobs on this planet involve building websites and developing apps. If you want to make a career from code, the Complete Learn to Code Masterclass Bundle should be your starting point. With nine courses and over 73 hours of video training, this beginner-friendly bootcamp can help you become an expert developer. Right now, the bundle is just $39 via the PopSci Shop.

Whether you want to build a startup or take on freelance work, this bundle teaches you everything you need to know. The courses start from scratch and cover a wide variety of topics, from web design to high-level programming.

Along the way, you will learn how to create your own websites using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootcamp. The Python course looks at machine learning and big data, and you learn to build apps with Java, C++ and C#. You also learn how to use Git for version control, and take a deep dive into Go—Google’s very own programming language.

Apart from developer jobs, these coding skills can help you find work in marketing, sales, and many other sectors.

It’s worth $1,370, but you can grab the training now for $39 with lifetime access included.