Finally make that lucrative career change this summer with the 2018 Learn To Code Bundle

Nine courses and over 210 hours of training for $34.99.

While many people go to college to learn programming, there are other ways to train as a developer. The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle is a great example. This huge learning library helps you develop in-demand skills with nine courses and 210 hours of video training. You can get the bundle now for only $34.99 at the PopSci Shop—that’s less than $6 per course.

Whether you want to start a new career or simply build your own website from scratch, coding skills are always valuable. This bundle can help you master top languages and frameworks, even if you have no previous experience with code. The video tutorials provide hands-on training, and each course includes projects to try.

The lineup includes a Java masterclass, helping you build great native apps for any platform. You also learn how to build web apps with Ruby on Rails, and websites with PHP and JavaScript. The Python training covers data science and AI, while the R programming course looks at financial data. The final course looks at GitHub, the most popular platform for version control.

The training is worth $1,356, but it’s now only $34.99 with the bundle.