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Most programming languages we use today are at least 20 years old. Google Go (aka Golang) is much younger, and it was designed specifically for multi-core computers. The Complete Google Go Developer Master Class Bundle helps you learn this forward-thinking language, with seven in-depth courses and over 50 hours of content. You can get it now for just $25 when you use code FIREWORK15 at the PopSci Shop.

The best-paid developers are those who focus on a particular skill set that few people possess. Because Google Go is relatively new, not many developers have mastered it. Now the language is beginning to take off—so it’s a good time to ride the wave.

This bundle helps you get started, with 424 video tutorials in total. The training starts from scratch, helping you write your first lines of code. But soon enough, you will be starting work on your own custom blog and web server.

You also learn how to create custom databases, dive into the fundamentals of computer science, and discover how to deploy apps with Docker.

Worth $1,400, the training is now just $25 with code FIREWORK15.

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