Pay what you want for 117 hours of cyber security training

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Cyber security is one of the hottest trends in tech, with every top company looking for new talent. If you want to jump into this lucrative career, the Complete Cyber Security Certification Bundle is a great starting point. This huge learning bundle includes nine video courses and over 117 hours of content—and you can currently name your price on the training at the PopSci Shop.

According to eSecurity Planet, there will be 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2022. With wages already rising, now is a great time to start your cyber security career. You don’t need a college degree to get started in the industry—but you will need some certifications under your belt. This bundle helps you fly through the exams, with hands-on video tutorials and full prep.

The bundle covers CompTIA, CISM, CISSP, PMI, and more. These acronyms will impress any tech employer in the world, even if you’re not working in cyber security. The training also teaches you many practical skills, such as how to set up Cisco networks, train your colleagues, perform risk assessments, and respond to malicious attacks.

Simply pay what you want for the CISSP 2015 course and beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle, worth $2,891.