How to make smart investments in cryptocurrency

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You’ve probably seen on the news recently that the value of Bitcoin has reached an all-time high. But many other digital currencies are expected to see even bigger growth in the coming years. The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle shows you how to make money from this trend with five in-depth courses. You can get the bundle now for $24 at the PopSci Shop.

The price of Bitcoin rose over 1000 percent in 2017, meaning every $1 invested turned into $1000 in just 12 months. Bitcoin isn’t done yet, and other cryptocurrencies are now seeing similarly rapid growth. This bundle helps you make the most of this remarkable trend, even with a small initial investment. Through concise video lessons, you learn about the underlying blockchain technology and how to purchase your first coins.

The courses also help you assess the market, store your coins securely, and invest in emerging currencies like Ethereum. The final course even shows you how to earn free coins with Steemit. Along with the video courses, the bundle includes an audiobook, meaning you can keep learning on your way to work.

Worth $479 in total, the bundle is now just $24 with lifetime access included.