Improve your career prospects with this $29 coding bundle

Learn Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and much more.

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It might seem like a cliché at this point, but learning to code really is a good idea. Aside from developer jobs, programming skills can help you get a good job in marketing, sales, finance, business, and many other sectors. The Complete Learn to Code Master Class Bonus Bundle is the perfect place to start, with 11 courses covering the most popular languages and frameworks. You can get it now for $25 at the PopSci Shop.

Whether you want to build apps for a living or simply earn a raise in your current career, learning to code is a great idea. This bundle helps you get started, with no prior experience necessary.

Through hands-on video tutorials, you discover how to write your first lines of Python and Java. The training also looks at C# and .NET, C++, Perl, Rust, and Google Go. You also get a crash course in web development, with courses on Ruby and JavaScript. These skills can help you get your first job in tech.

All the courses are suited to beginners, and you can claim certificates of completion to add to your résumé.

Order now for $25 to get lifetime access to all the courses, worth $1,783.99.

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