This bundle will help you become a bona fide musician

Learn to play, sing and produce for $25.

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While many EDM producers piece together tracks using pre-recorded loops and samples, creating music is more fun when you can play yourself. Private lessons can be expensive, but the Complete Become a Musician Bundle offers the same training at a fraction of the price. Through nine video courses, you learn how to play, sing, compose, and produce your own music. You can grab the bundle now for just $25.01 at the PopSci Shop.

Musical ability is partly about talent, but it’s also about technique. Even if you owned the same vocal chords as Beyoncé, you might not know how to use them properly.

This bundle helps you unleash your talent, with expert training from top musicians. Through video tutorials, you discover the basics of music theory and songwriting—from reading the notes to composing lyrics.

To help improve your performance, the training shows you the vocal warmups used by big-name artists and how you can safely push your voice to the limits. You also get a crash course in piano, and the bundle even helps you with the production side.

Order now for $25.01 to get the full bundle, worth $1,493.

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