This Arduino starter kit helps you dive into the world of electronics

Six courses and your very own Arduino for $89.99.

From self-tying shoelaces to robotic tentacles, we have seen some amazing Arduino-powered projects over the years. The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle helps you bring your own ideas to life, with six video courses and all the essential hardware (incl. your own Arduino Uno). You can get it now for $89.99 at the PopSci Shop, or grab the training alone for just $29.99.

As a complete Arduino beginner, just lighting up an LED can seem like a daunting prospect. But this bundle helps you get the basics down pat, before introducing some exciting projects.

Through hands-on lessons, you learn about the anatomy of your board and how to build your first circuit. The step-by-step videos show you how to connect different accessories and write the code for simple applications. Along the way, you discover how to work with various components: lights, servos, buzzers, buttons, sensors, and more.

The courses also help you build some cool real-world projects—from autonomous robots to web servers. You get over 29.5 hours of training in total, with on-demand access.

Worth $608.94 in total, you can currently get the starter kit with the course bundle now for $89.99. If you already own an Arduino, you can pick up the standalone training for $29.99.