Want to master Arduino? You can pay what you want for this e-Book bundle

Name your price on six great reads.

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Messing about with an Arduino is a great way to learn about electronics and code. But what if you want to do more with your microcontroller? The Complete Arduino eBook Bundle helps you unlock the full potential of this tiny board, with six digital guides packed with tutorials and projects. Right now, you can pay what you want for the bundle at the PopSci Shop.

From tweeting toasters to smart lights, there are many incredible devices you can build using an Arduino. But as a newbie, such projects can seem daunting. This ebook bundle helps you acquire the necessary skills, with an impressive library of knowledge.

The digital guides help you to master the basics and start programming your Arduino in Python. You also get an Internet of Things cookbook, packed with exciting projects, along with a guide to wearable projects. Arduino for Kids is great for techy parents, and the bundle even includes a guide to building Arduino-powered drones.

To get the deal, simply name your price for Arduino Wearable Projects. Beat the average price to unlock the full library, worth $246.

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