Master Adobe Creative Cloud with 65 hours of training

Seven courses and 247 tutorials for $29.

Most creative professionals regard Adobe’s Creative Cloud as an essential part of their workflow. If you want to build a career as a designer or an animator, the Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle can help you get started. The bundle includes seven courses and 247 video tutorials, amounting to over 65 hours of content in total. Right now, you can get the bundle for only $29 at the PopSci Shop.

Many people think that creative talent is all you need for producing great work. But until you master the tools of your trade, it’s impossible to execute your ideas. This bundle helps you hone your craft and feel at home when using Adobe software.

For budding designers and digital artists, the Adobe Photoshop course is a great starting point. Through 25 hands-on lessons, you discover how to edit images and create your own graphics for print and digital media. The course covers 3D artwork as well, along with web and mobile design.

The Adobe Illustrator course introduces vector design, with tutorials on how to devise stunning logos, icons and illustrations. You also learn about InDesign, an app that is used for layouts. Through 19 lessons, you discover how to produce business cards, flyers, posters, and more.

For aspiring animators, there are two courses on Adobe Flash and Animate. The videos help you to create your own short films using frame-by-frame animation and code. You can even use these tools to produce eye-catching ads.

The bundle also covers the art of video production with courses on Premiere Pro and After Effects. The former lets you create professional-quality videos with multiple cameras, while the latter is all about graphics and special effects.

All the courses help you gain practical experience, and you can stream the videos at any time on mobile and desktop.

The training is $673 in total, but you can get the bundle now for only $29 to start learning.