Comfortable camping clothes for your next outdoor adventure

A wardrobe for the wilderness.

hat on a stick in the woods
Campsite couture.Ezra Comeau-Jeffrey via Unsplash

What you wear camping can make or break a trip: clothing must be multifunctional, practical, light, and, when the sun sets, warm. Since you can’t hide from the elements as easily, it’s best to be well prepared. Layering is key, and your standard pair of socks just won’t cut it on a long hike. Below, some favorite camping clothes you can grab online.

Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Boot Cushion Sock
Vermont made.Amazon

Marie Kondo thanks her socks in her folding rituals for a reason: they do a lot of work for your feet, keeping them comfy while getting stepped on, bunched up and twisted while you plod around all day. If you’re off hiking, having good socks is essential, which is why these Darn Tough socks are worth every penny. They fit well (no slipping, no bunching, and no blisters), are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, and will keep your feet nice and cozy when you’re just resting in your tent. Pack a few extra pairs.

The Ultimate Pant: Columbia Convertible Trail Pant (Men’s and Women’s)
Pull double-duty.Amazon

Weather patterns can be fickle, so it’s always good to have pants that can turn into shorts, and vice versa. These classic Columbia trail pants feature zip-off legs that come in handy for hot afternoons and cool evenings. Other features include a one zip-closure security pocket (to make sure you don’t lose any precious items like keys or rings), side pockets with a hook and loop closure, and mesh pocket bags in case you’ll be foraging. Made with Omni-Wick fabric, these pants will wick away your sweat and into the fabric for quick evaporation to regulate your body temperature.

Smartwool 250 Midlayer (Men’s and Women’s)
A key layering piece.Amazon

Because your body temperature will fluctuate depending on the weather and your physical activity, it helps to wear multiple lightweight pieces. Even REI experts agree that if you need to buy one layering piece, the Smartwool 250 Midlayer Zip T Top performs the best. It’s made of high-quality merino wool from New Zealand, which gives you a soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant layer to keep you warm and dry. For colder temps, it’s also light enough to easily layer under a fleece, down jacket, or vest. Snag the corresponding 250 mid-layer merino bottoms for men and women for the full body set. As a bonus, the bottoms can double as an extra warm layer underneath jeans on cold wintry days in everyday life.

Henschel Crushable Soft Mesh Aussie Breezer Hat
Keep the sun and heat off your face.Amazon

If you have trouble hanging onto your hat, consider the Breezer, which features a chin cord to stay put during strong winds. Plus it’s crushable: it has a one-inch self-band that holds the hat together to pack away. Made out of cotton and nylon, this hat also features SPF+50 protection, which will protect your face from the sun’s rays. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, too.