Say you’re at a concert and you want to shoot footage. Smartphone image sensors can’t handle the low light or rapid action. The DxO One offers snap-on clarity. It attaches to your iPhone, and takes high-resolution photos and video.

The size of a stack of business cards, the DxO One clips onto an iPhone’s Lightning connector, so there’s no need for complicated Bluetooth pairing. You can select shutter speeds and play with depth-of-field aperture settings, something found only in high-end compact cameras and DSLRs. It also runs off its own battery, so it won’t drain your iPhone’s charge. You can store photos on the phone or to a MicroSD card, and share photos and video straight to your favorite social-media channel.

DxO is known by professionals for its camera sensor rating system, and this is its first entry into the market it covers. It just so happens the company awarded itself a top rating, placing the DxO One among the best (and most expensive) cameras out there. For quick-draw shooters, it’s a handy addition to the kit.


Video Resolution: 1080p / 30 fps

Sensor Size: 1″ (13.2×8.8mm)

Focal Length: 32mm (full-frame equivalent)

Aperture: f/1.8 adjustable down to f/11

ISO Range: 100 to 51,200

Photo Resolution: 5,406-by-3,604 pixels

Price: $599

This article was originally published in the October 2015 issue of Popular Science, under the title “Clip a Pro Camera to Your iPhone.”