You don’t need to be Tony Hawke to enjoy skateboarding, and you don’t need to be a tween to have a ton of fun getting started. If you’re at all self-conscious, you may feel better knowing you can get some great gear without stepping into a skate shop. In fact, you can find classic boards in just a few clicks, many with sturdy hardware, chiseled wood, and plenty of style.

Simple style: M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard


Allows for easy customization. Amazon

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Constructed of 7-ply Canadian Maple, this 31-inch board is the right mix of durable and flexible and is a solid choice no matter what your experience level. It’s not a bank-breaking option if you’re just starting out, and includes a skate tool for wheel and bearing adjustments. Right out of the box, it comes fully constructed and the trucks have decent give (but can always be adjusted).

Minimal design: MINORITY 32-Inch Maple Skateboard

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A little more expensive than the M Merkapa, Minority offers an array of great boards that will make older skaters nostalgic for old-school skateboard video games where the virtual skate shop.

Also great: Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Mini Complete Skateboard 28″

You Know The Name

May reward experienced skaters more than newcomers, but certainly isn’t a bad place to land for anyone. Amazon

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If you’re of a certain age, or really know your skating history, then you recognize the name Powell as half of the legendary Powell-Peralta skateboarding dynasty that launched little known skate rats like Tony Hawk. This throwback has some vintage graphics and strong construction. Its out-of-the-box wheels are hard, and definitely more forgiving on flat surfaces. If you intend to cruise in rocky, uneven, or unpredictable terrain, you may want to invest in some softer wheels.